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In-Home Dental Services for Children Under the Age of 12

Children’s House Call Dentistry is a mobile dental practice that caters to families who may not want to leave their home due to Covid, or whos children have dental anxiety. We help get your kids acclimated to the dentistry experience and maintain oral health from the comfort of your home. 


  • Exams

  • Xrays

  • Oral care instructions-lessons learned for a lifetime

  • Prophy

  • Silver diamine Fluoride treatment

  • Extractions

  • 2nd opinions

  • Fluoride application

About Childrens House Call Dentistry

We are an experienced group of dentists who practice solely in the homes doing housecall dentistry only. We use the latest technology to provide outstanding dental care in the comfortable kid-friendly room of your choice.
This is a great introduction for very young children so that they never fear going to the dentist.


Children are often anxious and fearful when they first sit in a traditional dental chair. More importantly, parents are even more anxious waiting for their toddler or young child in the waiting room. We make dentistry fun so that your child can transition to a traditional office visit.
The most valuable part of our visit is instituting great oral care instructions for the entire family.

NOTE: Until we get to herd immunity or children are able to be vaccinated to prevent covid infection, this is a safe and convenient alternative!

Our Mobile Dentists Serve Patients Across the USA

Many Locations Coming Soon

Manhattan & The Hamptons NY

Dr. Alisa Kauffman

Dr. Kauffman limited her practice in 1995 to Geriatrics and is currently the Director of Geriatric Dental Care at 3 local nursing homes. She also lectures in Geriatrics at Penn Dental Medicine and is the founder of the Dental LIFE program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She frequently lectures on Geriatric Dentistry worldwide.

Long Island & Queens NY

Dr. Rachel Klein

Dr. Klein is a broadly and deeply experienced dentist with a calming and friendly bedside manner. She has over 20 years of experience in all phases of dentistry with a strong focus on home care for the geriatric and elderly populations, as well as with patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Dr. Desiree Outlaw

We are pleased to announce our newest location, Connecticut proudly served by Desiree Outlaw, DDS