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Geriatric House Call Dentistry In The Pennsylvania Gazette!

By May 22, 2017September 15th, 2020No Comments

The Pennsylvania Gazette Highlights the Prestige of Dr. Kauffman


What makes someone a pioneer? A pioneer is someone who forges ahead, carving pathways through the wilderness, challenging archaic conventions with innovative insights. Pioneers create order out of chaos and beauty from the mundane. Pioneers revolutionize the way people think and live. Pioneers harbor an unrelenting desire to make a better world and, through perseverance and ingenuity, transform hopes and dreams into reality.


Sometimes pioneers are recognized immediately. Other times, pioneers are not acknowledged until the time for their accolades are long overdue. Fortunately, Dr. Alisa Kauffman is being recognized more and more for being one of the most formidable pioneers in the world of dentistry. Dr. Kauffman’s prestige has become so prescient that the Pennsylvania Gazette has devoted an entire article to chronicle the unique contributions that she is making to the geriatric community of Manhattan through Geriatric House Call Dentistry.

house call dentistry

The Pennsylvania Gazette highlights the unique nature of Dr. Kauffman’s work, which is anything but ordinary. She offers what’s known as “in-home dental services”. While so many dentists have patients pay them a visit, Dr. Kauffman brings her office to her patients. She travels with a portable office because she treats elderly patients, with an average age of 90, who need dental care but are not able to travel to a dental office.  


The Gazette chronicles how Dr. Kauffman’s passion for geriatric dentistry was established during her time in dental school. While her classmates were working on the latest cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kauffman was receiving accolades for designing the best dentures. Little did she know that her desire to make high-quality dentures would play a role in an innovative form of dentistry that drastically improves the lives of the elderly. Dentures can help older adults enjoy all kinds of food and, as a result, continue to experience the joy of a delectable diet.


Dr. Kauffman is not solely driven by the desire to meet basic needs, but also wants to provide the oral care required for older adults to genuinely enjoy things such as flavorful food. She understands that attentive dental care can mean the difference between a bland meal and a delectable feast. Older adults have every right to enjoy the finer things in life, and dental problems should never stand in their way.


The Prestige of Dr. Kauffman’s House Call Dentistry


It’s impossible to ignore the prestige of Dr. Kauffman and her work. She loves meeting fascinating characters, and diligently works to ensure that her clients receive the help that they need. She knows no bounds, pounding the pavement of one of the most bustling cities in the world with a backpack, dental expertise and a mission to change lives through geriatric dental care. Her unrelenting resolve is fueled by an ever-growing passion for her work.


Dr. Kauffman’s business, Geriatric House Call Dentistry, has grown extensively over the years, as she serves a rapidly growing but extremely underserved demographic. Her innovative techniques help her address needs that are often unmet and ignored, and she goes to great lengths to meet the growing demand for her services. Over the years, she has developed a reputation as the house call dentist that Manhattan can trust.


Dr. Kauffman’s techniques are beginning to expand the availability of dental services in multiple areas of the United States. The Pennsylvania Gazette explains that one of Dr. Kauffman’s former students, Steven Lin, has used Dr. Kauffman’s innovative approach to serving secluded communities in Alaska and, as a result, even contribute to culture preservation. By promoting health care and improving oral hygiene, Lin empowers Alaska’s indigenous communities to eat and enjoy their culture’s traditional cuisine.  


Years ago, Dr. Kauffman had a brilliant idea: she would travel to the homes of elderly clients instead of requiring them to visit her. Now her idea has not only changed lives in Manhattan but helps meet the needs of isolated populations in Alaska. From the concrete jungle of Manhattan to the Alaskan wilderness, the pioneering spirit of Dr. Alisa Kauffman is trailblazing a path forward for the world of dentistry.


If you have an elderly loved one in need of Dr. Kauffman’s incomparable dental care, then call us at Geriatric House Call Dentistry today at 917-826-6278 to set up an appointment.