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Mobile Dentistry Now Offered in Connecticut

By July 29, 2021August 18th, 2021No Comments
travelling mobile dentist in connecticut

Geriatric Housecall Dentistry is bringing its services to patients in and around Connecticut. With the help of Dr. Desiree Outlaw, we are now able to offer our mobile dentistry services to more patients. Important oral health services like routine exams, teeth cleaning, and denture repair are now accessible to residents in Connecticut who may be elderly or homebound.


A Look at GHD’s List of Services

At Geriatric Housecall Dentistry, we offer the following services. All of our dental services can be performed without the patient leaving their home.

  • Regular dental exams and teeth cleaning
  • Emergency dental care and extractions
  • Minimally-invasive cavity repair
  • Denture reline, repair, and fabrication
  • Crown and bridge repair and replacement
  • Teledentistry


Why Mobile Dentistry?

For patients who are bedbound, it can be risky or impossible for them to get out of bed and travel to the dentist’s office. For caregivers of patients with dementia and physical disabilities, trying to get them ready to leave the house may be a struggle. Many of our patients live in the city, so it can be very difficult and time-consuming for their caregivers to bring them into the dentist’s office. Mobile dentistry makes dental care accessible for elderly patients who are struggling with dementia, physical impairments, or both.


About Dr. Desiree Outlaw

Dr. Outlaw is a warm, compassionate dentist that many patients and caregivers rave about. With an extensive dental education and experience working with patients young and old, she is able to take excellent care of GHD’s Connecticut patients. Her patience and kindness put patients at ease while she attends to their dental health needs.

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