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Dan Rattiner features Alisa Kauffman in his podcast “Who’s Here in the Hamptons”

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Alisa Kauffman is a top 25 nationally ranked dentist and the founder, owner, and operator of Geriatric House Call Dentistry for the past 35 years.
Learn more about Dr. Kauffman here >

Questions covered in this podcast

  • How did you come to fall in love with house call dentistry for this niche of working with geriatric patients?
  • How is your practice different than typical house call dentistry?
  • What moved you to write the book “How to Become a House Call Dentist”
  • Describe the comings and goings of going into people’s homes – what’s it like for them, and what it’s like to you?
  • What can you do, and what can’t you do in dentistry when you do a house visit?
  • Do you have any funny stories about house call dentistry?
  • Oral care for patients with all of their teeth – how to brush your teeth effectively using a low impact toothpaste.
  • How to avoid yellow teeth in your old age
  • How to keep the enamel on your teeth by avoiding dry mouth
  • Flossing in your old age – and products to use
  • Being proactive with your dentist
  • How can people find you?
    • Dr. Kauffman serves geriatric patients in the comfort of their home who are living in The Hamptons or Manhattan. You can contact her here >